Terms & Conditions

Should you wish your child to join our nursery a £50.00 non-refundable deposit is required along with a completed Registration Form and signed terms and conditions. We ask that if anything changes throughout your child’s time with us for example a phone number, you complete a new form. Staff will send out requests usually once a term to ask you to check that the details we have are correct.

The minimum number of sessions a week is 2. This is to provide sufficient continuity and to ensure that your child settles well.
Should you wish to cancel a place with us two full weeks notice in writing is required.


Fees are payable a month in advance. Invoices are sent out mid-month. Parents can pay by standing order, cash, cheque or vouchers, for example Busy Bees etc. Fees must be paid on time by the date stated on the invoice which is emailed to parents. All fees are to be paid by 9.00am on the day they are due or parents are liable for a late fee of £40.00.

Extra sessions can be booked with the office by email and are payable in advance.

We are open for 51 weeks of a year and we charge for all Bank Holidays except Christmas bay and Boxing bay. Full fees are payable for holidays and sickness.


We ask that your child’s clothes and coat etc are named. We do have children arrive in the same coat and this can cause confusion. We also ask that children do not bring in toys from home. Children do get upset when they get broken and we cannot accept any liability for that. Please be assured that our nursery has plenty of toys for your child to play with.


From time to time we do take the children out of nursery whether it be on a trip or a walk to the park etc. The registration form you complete has a section to sign if you authorise your child to go on such outings. If you do not consent under no circumstances will your child go out of nursery!


If for any reason you are late collecting your child, a charge will apply. We charge £5.00 for every 15 minutes you are late. I We would ask that parents call to confirm if they are going to be late so we can reassure your child.


We confirm that our nursery has Public Liability Insurance and our setting has a Health and Safety Co-ordinator who ensures Risk Assessment are carried out daily. Your child’s safety is of utmost importance.
Our nursery also has many policies in place. Please feel free to read them. They are situated in the hallway on the shelf.

Collecting Children

When your child starts you will be asked to complete and sign a pick up list. This is to tell staff who you authorise to collect your child. If for any reason someone different will be collecting your child, you will need to inform staff of their name, a description and a password. Please note that only persons of 16 years and over are able to collect children.


If your child is ill we ask that parents keep them off simply to prevent illness spreading. If your child has had sickness and diarrhoea then your child cannot return to nursery for a period of 48 hours after the last bout.
Should your child become ill whilst at nursery then staff will telephone you and if necessary, ask you to collect your child.


Staff can administer medicine to your child providing it is prescribed or if it is calpol/nurofen etc. Staff cannot administer any medicine containing asprin. Staff will ask you to sign and complete a medicine form stating the required dose and times to administer. Parents will then be asked to sign it again once it has been administered. Please note that staff can only administer the recommended dosage!