Baby Room & Toddler Unit
Our baby room and toddler unit is run by one supervisor. All staff understand that it can be difficult to leave your new baby with strangers. Our team will dispel any fears you may encounter. Working with you the staff will establish your child’s routine but have confidence in that babies do settle into new surroundings quickly.
The baby room is equipped with toys for children not yet walking from cuddly toys to educational toys such as blocks and pop up toys. We also have baby gyms and bouncers and baby walkers for those beginning to find their feet.
There are also lots of cushions and soft areas for the children to sit and play along with a large area where the children carry out planned activities with staff.
Our baby room also has a separate cot room where the children are able to sleep peacefully or rest until they are ready to play again.
There is also a kitchen area separate from the baby room where all the baby foods and bottles are stored and prepared. This is also where the high chairs are and where the children are fed.
In the toddler unit this is filled with toys and equipment such as ride on cars and bikes, books, duplo and many other toys as well as a home corner equipped with a play kitchen. On this side there are tables and chairs which are used for both activities and for the children at meal times.
There are also two separate changing areas where the children are changed at regular times throughout the day and when needed.
Both the baby and the toddler side carry out planned activities which are set out by Early Years Foundation Stage. All the planning can be seen on the planning board on the toddler side.


Tweenie Room 
Our Tweenie Room caters for children aged 2 to 3 years. This room is also run by a supervisor who is also our Deputy Manager. This room carries out daily planned activities from the early years foundation stage and again, the planned activities can be seen on the planning board in the Tweenie Room. The routine of the room can be seen on the board too. This is the case for all rooms as the EYFS is for ages 0-5 years.
This room is filled with toys such as duplo, books, stickle bricks, flower links, dressing up clothes, dolls and teddies, puzzles, farm and zoo animals and cars and a garage and many many more.
When you visit our Tweenie Room you will see what a great place it is to spend your day.
Under the guidance of staff the children in this room are encouraged with toilet training .

Our Pre-school is run by a supervisor who has decorated the room throughout with the children’s work. The children are very proud of their room. Our OFSTED report praised the standards of teaching and the activities provided. The staff prepare detailed plans of the activities and trips provided for the children and explain what we hope the children will learn from these experiences.




Early Years Unit
This is a unit which is run by a supervisor for 6 hours a day, 33 weeks a year during term time only. The children receive funding from the government for the sessions. A child over 3 years is entitled to receive 5 vouchers a week and each voucher entitles them to 3 hours of free care a day. In this time the children carry out planned activities and have fun, making sure your child gets the best start before starting school.

 After School Club

Our After School Club is run by the same supervisor as our Early Years unit. This is a unit where the children can play freely in our homely environment whether this be playing football on our outside soft play area, doing a creative activity inside or playing on the computer. The children are free to do what activities they require whilst being supervised by experienced staff who often join in.
In the school holidays we also arrange trips out. Where we go varies from McDonalds to bowling and in summer months to outdoor places like conkers. A small charge is required for our days out which needs to be paid on the day of the outing. Permission is obtained from parents prior to children being taken out of the nursery. This is the same for each and every child throughout the nursery.


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